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Curriculum Materials

Teacher Training Sessions

Are you a teacher in need of a training session for running your upcoming missions? 

Have you been to Challenger Learning Center for a mission before, but you need a refresher?

Contact our Lead Flight Director / STEM Educator Valerie Hunter at to schedule a training session, either in person or via Zoom!

For all educators preparing for your missions, see below for all mission activity and lesson ideas!

General Crew Training Activities - Any Mission

(Some activities may overlap with other sections)


Team Building

Problem Solving

Following Directions

General Space Science Lessons

Post-Mission Activities - All Missions

Job Specific Activities

RENDEZVOUS WITH A COMET Preparing for Your Mission

RENDEZVOUS WITH A COMET Additional Classroom Activities and Resources

EXPEDITION MARS Preparing for Your Mission

EXPEDITION MARS Additional Classroom Activities and Resources

LUNAR QUEST (coming Feb.2023!) Preparing for Your Mission

LUNAR QUEST Additional Classroom Activities and Resources

Need more ideas for an online classroom e-learning lesson?  Looking for something to do to keep your kiddos learning while at home?  Look no further!  Check out websites and resources that can assist you in any of your daily STEAM activity planning on our Online Resources page!