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May the Fourth Trivia Night

A long time ago, at a Trivia Night far, far away...

Join us for a virtual trivia night from a galaxy far, far away on ZOOM

Use the Force and show just how much you or your crew know about Star Wars at a VIRTUAL trivia night you won't want to miss! You can work as a team, or just come as a solo player as we battle the Dark Side and learn all about this classic saga!

May the Fourth, 2021
7 PM - 9 PM
$10 per device

Prize: Space & Star Wars collectables basket & 2 tickets to one of our next laser light shows! Plus: Mystery gift card!

All ages welcome!

*When you've purchased your ticket, you'll receive an email with your personal Zoom link. If you purchase more than one ticket for multiple devices, then as the team point-of-contact, you'll receive the main link for your team to send to each member.  You will also receive links to the TRIVIA ANSWER SHEETS after ticket purchase. You will need TRIVIA ANSWER SHEETS on trivia night to answer the questions asked by our Commanders. Once submitted, answers will automatically be recorded and accessed by our staff members for point scoring.

There will be 3 rounds, each with 10 questions. Each round will get more challenging, with the easiest questions in round 1 and hardest questions in round 3. In between rounds, there will be time to chat with our very own Star Wars expert and LEGO master Commander Greg!