Led Zeppelin Laser Lightshow
Led Zeppelin Laser Lightshow

Summer Camps

Challenger Camps Focus on a Summer full of Science!

Join us as we connect with the world around us in a way like never before!

Our goal: To inspire and engage students to think about the future.

We offer summer science experiences that will wow your kids while feeding their brains and exciting them about how they can affect the path our Spaceship Earth will take in the years to come.

All summer camps are stimulating, age-appropriate, and led by licensed educators to provide a safe, fun and thought-provoking experience. Summer is a great time to enhance your children's skills and abilities and give them the opportunity to explore exciting new topics. Activities are backed by NASA.

NOTE: When choosing a summer camp, schedule your child for the grade level that they will be entering or rising into in the fall of 2019.

*Dates, times and sessions are subject to change.