Led Zeppelin Laser Lightshow
Led Zeppelin Laser Lightshow

STEM Adventures

STEM Adventures (formerly Flight Adventures)

STEM Adventures will have your students making discoveries about the mechanics of flight, a touch of astronomy and important, related engineering and science concepts. From the way light affects our planet to electricity and energy, students will participate in engaging and hands-on activities complemented by digital media presentations in our planetarium dome. No other program combines a variety of STEM topics and educational media presentations in this way.

This 2.5 hour visit includes:

  • 2 dome media presentations
  • building circuits
  • forces of flight demos
  • NASA Ring Wing activity for back at school 

This is definitely a unique STEM experience that combines hands-on astronomy with grade level science learning standards!

  • Up to 35 students 
  • 2.5 hours
  • $300 per group
  • Indiana Academic Standards for Science: 4.PS.1,4.ESS.1,4.ESS.4,4.PS.5
  • Illinois Common Core Science Standards: 11.B.2a-f,12.C.2a,12.F.2a-c,13.B.2c,11.A.2e

New!  Continue the exploration with a Digital Discoveries: Transportation Systems digital connection session for only $50 (regularly $125.) Click here for more information.

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