Led Zeppelin Laser Lightshow
Led Zeppelin Laser Lightshow

Explorers Program Group Outing

"Far Out" Explorer Clubs!

Group outings, after-school clubs and summer adventure camps are invited to try out our amazing group activities at the Challenger Learning Center.  Bring up to 2 groups of students for science fun and entertainment! Children of all ages will enjoy space-themed, educational planetarium show as well as an entertaining laser show. Kids then get to try their hand at some age-appropriate, hands-on science activities.  This package works well with special needs and multigenerational groups too.  Programs can be tailored for your group.  Call (219) 989-3250 for more information!

PRICE: $250 per group up to 32 students/8 chaperones (maximum)

LENGTH: 2 hours

Ages 5+

**Students should be grouped by age level if possible: K-3, 4-6