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Corporate & Adult Group Outing Package

Team Building Missions

We offer a team building experience that is out of this world! Challenge your team to put their skills to the test during one of our interactive and unique program options. These opportunities are a great way to give your team a chance to see their colleagues in a whole new light, while applying their teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills. Each scenario is engaging and will transport your team out of their typical work environment and into new and challenging destinations.


Choose from one of our unique programs: 



Length: 2 hours

Number of Participants: 14-32

Price: Call (219)989-3250 to inquire about pricing



Description: Your team will join our Flight Directors on an journey through space and time! Teams will flash train for their positions on the mission, then put their training to the test during one of our simulated mission programs. A debrief following the mission will help analyze your crew's performance - highlighting both strengths and weaknesses for back-on-the-job/real world applications.

Rental Offerings

Call the Center at (219)989-3250 or email for information on space rental offerings. Our facility offers a unique space for meetings and briefings. Tours, mini-missions and planetarium/laser shows available as exciting add ons!


Images: NASA Mars Exploration Teams