We offer a corporate experience that is out of this world! Challenge your team to put their skills to the test during one of our two interactive and unique program options. Both are a great way to give your team a chance to see their colleagues in a whole new light, while applying their teamwork, communication and problem solving skills. Each scenario is engaging and will transport your team out of their typical work environment and into new and challenging destinations.

Corporate Mission Options

Option 1

Expedition Mars

Number of Participants: 14-32

Program Length: 4 hours

Cost: $1050

Description: Your team will join our Flight Directors on an journey to the Red Planet. Teams will flash train for their positions on the mission, then put their training to the test during our Expedition Mars mission. A debrief following the mission will help analyze your crew's performance - highlighting both strengths and weaknesses for back-on-the-job applications.

Option 2

Operation Montserrat - Digital Team Challenge

Number of Participants: 10-32

Program Length: 4 hours

Cost: $850

Description: Your team will play the role of an Emergency Response Team tasked with saving the lives of residents on the Island Montserrat. After a training session, your crew will immerse themselves in an intense simulation that will challenge them to work together, communicate well and create a viable plan that will prevent a major disaster.


NOTE: This program can be conducted from any location that has video conferencing capabilities!

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Call the center for information on space rental. Our facility offers a unique space for meetings and luncheons. Seating up to 36 guests. Tours, mini missions and planetarium/laser shows available as exciting add ons.


Images: NASA Mars Exploration Teams