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Bring Buzz Aldrin's Share Space Giant Mars Map to Your School

ShareSpace's Giant Mars Map is an exciting standards based, interactive educational tool that promotes active learning. Suited perfectly for upper-elementary-aged students, the Map can be be used on any large surface.

Join educators across the globe who are inspiring students to set their sights to Mars with a Giant Mars Map™, targeted for ages 8–12, designed with curriculum materials developed at Purdue University, based on National Science Standards. Intended to ignite children’s interests in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM). The Mars Map and accompanying curriculum, exclusive to ShareSpace, can be integrated within existing curricula, activities, or programs to help enhance your mission training.

The Giant Mars Map™, a 25' x 25' vinyl floor map depicting a colorful topography of Mars as well as the landing sites of Mars rover missions, allows educators and mentors to motivate children to develop an understanding for real world STEAM-based concepts using the Red Planet as the basis. The paired curriculum, curated by ShareSpace, encompasses language arts, geography, math, science, space exploration, technology, and creative, innovative thinking.

This map and accompanying curriculum is available for check for one week from the learning center. Educators can pick up the kit at the learning center by appointment. 

Call or email to bring this amazing resource to your school!

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Station Sightings

New 2017! Expedition Mars

Our new simulated mission Expedition Mars is on its way and we have sought out some really great Mars resources for you. 

Space Tourism Poster Gallery

Mars Exploration Poster Gallery

NASA/JPL Educator Newsletter

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Things we think you should check out!

*A great online resource for merging web resources into a single, link-able location.  Students access your lesson, self guide through resources and work toward understanding at their personal pace.  Assessment and real-time data tracking.

*A fun quiz development program for classes with iPad or computer access for all students.

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