Flight Adventures

Flight Adventures

Flight Adventures will have your students making discoveries about the mechanics of flight, a touch of astronomy and important, related engineering and science concepts. From the way light affects our planet to electricity and energy, students will participate in engaging and hands-on activities complemented by digital media presentations in our planetarium dome. No other program combines this variety of STEM topics and educational media presentations in this way.

This 2.5 hour visit includes:

  • 2 dome media presentations
  • building circuits
  • forces of flight demos
  • foam glider kits for back at school

This is definitely a unique STEM experience that combines hands-on astronomy with grade level science learning standards!

  • Up to 35 students 
  • 2.5 hours
  • $300 per group
  • Indiana Academic Standards for Science: 4.PS.1,4.ESS.1,4.ESS.4,4.PS.5
  • Illinois Common Core Science Standards: 11.B.2a-f,12.C.2a,12.F.2a-c,13.B.2c,11.A.2e

New!  Continue the exploration with a Digital Discoveries: Transportation Systems digital connection session for only $50 (regularly $125.) Click here for more information.

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