Sky Voyages (Grades 2, 3 & 4)

Sky Voyages

Mankind has been yearning to take to the skies since the days of the caveman. What constitutes actual flight? Students will discover that “flying” is much more than sailing through the air. We explore the four forces of flight (lift, drag, thrust and weight) and discover how thrust helps achieve lift. Each student makes and tests their very own Foam Plate Glider with Abraham Lincoln as the pilot! Then, we bust out the Plasma Spheres so that students may first predict, then test why certain materials seem to be so electrifying!

  • Indiana Academic Standards for Science: 4.1.1; 4.1.4
  • Indiana English/Language Arts Standards: 4.RL.2.2  
  • Illinois State Science Goals: 12.C.1a, 12.F.1a, 12.D.2b, 12.F.2a, 12.F.2c

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