Digital Discoveries

Digital Discoveries 

This program is our newest interactive, simulation-based activity. Classes participate without leaving school! No bus needed! 

Using critical thinking, teamwork, problem solving skills and more, students complete an engineering challenge in class. Next, your group links live with a Flight Director from Challenger Learning Center to share their designs and learn about current space science exploration!

This program meets science and engineering standards in a fun and engaging way while saving on transportation costs.


  • Pre-connection session activity: 2 - 3 class periods
  • Connection session: 1 hour, 45 minutes
  • Post program activities are available to extend learning
  • Class size – Maximum up to 34 students
  • Price – $125 per class

Transportation Systems (grades 3-5)

The Digital Discoveries: Transportation Systems program brings the engineering process and 21st century skills to life in your classroom. This three-part program focuses on space exploration and transportation systems and encourages students to work cooperatively to complete a design challenge. They'll then connect live digitally with a Flight Director from the Challenger Learning Center to present their prototype and learn about principles of flight. The connection uses just a web browser--no complicated equipment needed!