Online Resources

Educational Resources

Take a look at some of the great Internet-based resources here. These activities work for classroom training session, teacher background information or updates on space exploration.

Station Sightings

NASA/JPL Educator Newsletter


NASA Homepage

Astronomy Magazine

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Home of Curiosity, MAVEN and more!

NASA’s LADEE – Latest Mission to Explore the Moon

Simple Machines Websites
Lemelson Center’s Invention at Play: Invention Playhouse
Edheads interactive game of identifying simple machines
Educational Videos, Lessons & Games for k-12 School Kids
Museum of Science – Elements of Machines
Making Paper Airplanes – Wedges
Cartoon Introduction of Simple Machines
Simple Machine Quizzes

Extended Activities/Websites
Simple Activities for Little Engineers – Structures, marble run
Astronauts investigate Simple Machines aboard the International Space Station
NASA Design Squad – Robo Arm
Mars Curiosity Rover

Things we think you should check out!

A great online resource for merging web resources into a single, link-able location.  Students access your lesson, self guide through resources and work toward understanding at their personal pace.  Assessment and real-time data tracking.

A fun quiz development program for classes with iPad or computer access for all students.