Online Resources

Educational Resources 

Take a look at some of the great Internet-based resources here. These activities work for classroom training session, teacher background information or updates on space exploration.

Station Sightings

New 2017! Expedition Mars

Our new simulated mission Expedition Mars is on its way and we have sought out some really great Mars resources for you. 

Space Tourism Poster Gallery

Mars Exploration Poster Gallery

NASA/JPL Educator Newsletter

Weblink for Background Information

Things we think you should check out!

*A great online resource for merging web resources into a single, link-able location.  Students access your lesson, self guide through resources and work toward understanding at their personal pace.  Assessment and real-time data tracking.

*A fun quiz development program for classes with iPad or computer access for all students.

Simple Machines Web Resources

Simple Machines Websites
Lemelson Center’s Invention at Play: Invention Playhouse
Edheads interactive game of identifying simple machines
Educational Videos, Lessons & Games for k-12 School Kids
Museum of Science – Elements of Machines
Making Paper Airplanes – Wedges
Cartoon Introduction of Simple Machines
Simple Machine Quizzes